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I did it. I said the "Christmas" word. But only because we have an excellent new book out that every nerd in your life would love to receive. See, I'm helping.

Also, we've launched a brand new newsletter aimed at our industrial customers. It's a quarterly update, so sign up here for news about how we support businesses that use Raspberry Pi products.



NEW BOOK: The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024 is here!
The brand new Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024 has landed! It may just be our best annual handbook yet. But we do say that every year.
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This Raspberry Pi-powered submarine ROV safely explores the depths
BlueROV2 is an uncrewed underwater robot which surveys the depths with the help of a Raspberry Pi 4, at a fraction of the typical cost of an underwater ROV.
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PiArtFrame displays fractal art
We spotted this excellently simple fractal art display on Reddit. It's a perfect beginner project for someone looking for a geeky desk trinket.
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Meet Jeff Geerling
Andrew Gregory of HackSpace magazine sat down with the one and only Jeff Geerling to chat about the wholesome corner of the internet he created.
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Number 5 is alive! | #MagPiMonday
This #MagPiMonday, The MagPi editor Lucy Hattersley talks about watching our newest board come alive in front of her very eyes.
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