Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day in the same week was a wild ride

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It was an extra fun week at Pi Towers what with Valentine's Day and Pancake Day happening. We displayed some of your messages of love and adoration across the big crystal mirror in the lobby and we shared a pancake-flipping robot.

We were also super excited to learn that our RP2040 chip is at the heart of Flipper's new video game module, and that our friend at Arm, Sandeep, is finding Pico-based solutions for EV charging at their offices.



Flipper’s new Video Game Module is powered by Raspberry Pi
Our friends at Flipper Devices have made a fantastic new video game accessory for their popular Flipper Zero, and it's built on RP2040.
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Machine Learning-powered EV charger availability detection with Raspberry Pi Pico W
If you've ever experienced the panic of not being able to find an open spot at an electric vehicle (EV) charger, this Raspberry Pi-powered solution may be for you.
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Your Valentine’s messages scrolling across hundreds of crystals in the Pi Towers lobby
We sent the call out on social media for your messages of love and adoration so that we could scroll them across the gigantic crystal mirror we keep in the Pi Towers lobby.
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No-one flips their own pancakes anymore
YouTuber Kevin McAleer built this tiny but delightful robot to flip pancakes for you and help you learn about servo easing.
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How to use the real-time clock functionality in Raspberry Pi 5 | #MagPiMonday
In the latest issue of The MagPi, Alasdair Allan shows you how to use the real-time clock (RTC) functionality in Raspberry Pi 5.
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