Also featuring a high-maintenance chihuahua and a Johnny 5 homage

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This week's pièce de résistance is the ludicrously sized magic mirror our Maker in Residence created for the lobby at Pi Towers. It's made from over 500 crystals and has lots of party tricks.

I also quite liked the needy chihuahua in a heart-print onesie, and a Johnny 5-alike robot that had a starring role on a new TV show.



We made something massive and strange for the Pi Towers lobby
We wanted a big project for the lobby at Pi Towers: something large and visually impactful. Our Maker in Residence thought designing something that needs 576 glass crystals was the way to go.
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Raspberry Pi Pico feeds Píkíta the chihuahua twice a day
Riciery Penques's chihuahua, Píkíta, needs feeding twice a day. He built a Raspberry Pi Pico-powered pet food dispenser to make sure she never misses a meal.
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Watch NE-5, the Raspberry Pi-powered robot, on TV
Maker Keegan Neave turned his Johnny 5 homage into a TV star. Meet NE-5, the splendid Raspberry Pi-powered robot.
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HackSpace magazine meets VEEB Projects
Design duo Vanessa Bradley and Martin Spendiff, known as VEEB, create devices sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, but always beautifully clean.
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MacQuadra PiSCSI | #MagPiMonday
Reviving a beloved Apple Mac with a view to retro gaming led one computing fan to embrace Raspberry Pi-based emulation.
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